Cologne: 21.–23.03.2023 #Mustermesse

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EN Element 13300 Element 12300 DE
Important information for exhibitors

Dear exhibitor,
[Messename] 20XX will open its doors in just a few short weeks. We look forward to welcoming you to the fair in Cologne as an exhibitor. In order that your fair participation goes smoothly and successfully, we have compiled the most important information for you again below.

We are available at any time to assist you with any remaining questions.

Best wishes from Cologne!
The [Messename] team

Delivery of your exhibits to the stand

Please use the following address for delivery:

Koelnmesse GmbH
Exhibitor name xxx
Name of contact person at your stand authorised to sign for the package xxx
Hall xx Aisle xx Stand xx
Messeplatz 1
50679 Köln

Please note that the fair staff is not authorised to sign for your goods nor to store them. However, if necessary, there may be the option of storing material with one of our freight contractors up until stand assembly starts:

Tel. +49 221 981 31-8821
Fax +49 221 981 31-8890

Assembly and disassembly schedule
Assembly times:
XX:XX - XX:XX (a.m/p.m)
XX:XX - XX:XX (a.m/p.m)

When assembly has been completed, the fair aisles must be kept completely free of obstacles. This is so that carpet can be laid correctly and that areas of the floor can be painted black where necessary.

Disassembly times
XX:XX - XX:XX (a.m./p.m.)
XX:XX - XX:XX (a.m./p.m.)

Due to organisational event requirements, the disassembly of your stand may commence on the last day of the fair (xx.xx.xxxx) only after x:xx p.m. and must be completed by xx.xx.20xx at x:xx p.m. Similarly, exhibits may not be taken out of the fair halls before x:xx p.m. Please note that in your own interest as well as in the interest of your and our visitors, no exceptions can be made.

Exhibitor services

Your point of contact in the event of problems and for any requirements during the assembly period and throughout the fair itself is the Exhibitor Service Centre (“Aussteller Service Center) in Service Centre North. Of course, you can also reach us on our usual phone numbers.

Your contact persons:

Ms. Stefanie Mauritz, Project Manager
Tel. +49 221 821-2941

Ms. Michaela Weiden, Sales Manager
Tel. +49 221 821-3270

Ms. Svenja Hummel, Project Assistant
Tel. +49 221 821-2647

Ms. Kimberly Götzl, Project Team
Tel. +49 221 821-2671


Work and Exhibitor ID cards

Please note that during the assembly and disassembly periods, there will be increased checking of identification, meaning meaning that your stand assembly staff must be provided with work ID cards before assembly begins. If you require more work ID cards, send us an email to E-mail contact . Work IDs are free of charge!

Work ID cards

The work ID cards are valid for the whole of the assembly period (XX.-XX.XX.XXXX until X:XX p.m.) as well as the disassembly period (XX.XX. from X:XX p.m. until XX.XX.XXXX, X:XX p.m.). The ID cards are not valid as travel cards in the Rhein-Sieg (VRS) or Cologne (KVB) public transport networks.

Exhibitor ID cards

Along with the stand rental invoice, you will receive a number of freeof-charge exhibitor ID cards from us. These ID cards allow you to use the buses, light railways and trains of the Rhein-Sieg (VRS) and the Cologne (KVB) public transport networks free of charge from 27.-29. April 2017 (Exhibitor ID card = travel card!). Please remember to bring your ID card with you. Unfortunately, we will have to charge you for a replacement if you lose it!

Catering Service

Should you need catering at your stand, please get in touch with our official partner:

Korneliusz-Tomasz Czok
Tel. Nr.: +49 221 284-8588
Fax Nr.: +49 221 254-8599
E-mail contact

Interpreter service

You can use the interpreter service free of charge for short conversations with a maximum length of one hour. If you wish to do so, please contact the interpreters who are situated next to the ticket offices in Entrance Hall X. [TEXT ANPASSEN]

Access to the exhibition grounds

In order to guarantee the smooth flow of transport within the exhibition grounds during the assembly and disassembly periods, we ask you to check the attached traffic information guide and traffic guidance plan very carefully and to forward the relevant information on to your stand assembly company as well as any potential logistical service providers you may have commissioned.

For questions relating to traffic guidance, please contact our colleague:

Mr. Roman Gersch
Tel. +49 221 821-2670
E-Mail contact


The entrance Hall X is open to both exhibitors and visitors. [TEXT ANPASSEN]

Eu‘Vend & coffeena Night

Eu‘Vend & coffeena Night will take place on [WOCHENTAG] XX [MONAT] 20XX. Unwind after a successful day at the fair and join our international get-together at the Rheinterrassen. A highlight will be the award ceremony for the Vending Star 2019 which will be awarded this year for the sixth time. You can order admission tickets for 80.00 EUR here. [TEXT ANPASSEN]

Event programme

You can expect an extensive event programme at [MESSENAME] XXXX.
You’ll find more information on our home page: [Link EVENTPROGRAMM]

Questions about stand assembly

If there are any remaining questions regarding stand assembly for your participation in the fair, our colleagues in the event organisation department will be happy to help you:

Mr. Michael Engelke
+49 221 821 2184
E-Mail contact


Have you considered inviting your best clients and partners using our admission ticket vouchers? This is an unbeatably affordable way to attract decision-makers to your fair stand – because the Visitor Promotion Package (which you already booked while registering) means that there are no additional costs for you. You will not receive an additional invoice for any of the redeemed vouchers and codes!

The recipient registers his/her voucher at the [MESSENAME] Ticket Shop ([LINK TICKETS] and receives his free-of-charge admission ticket per email. This ticket grants your client direct access to the exhibition grounds as well as entry to the fair without having to wait in line.

Note on unofficial exhibitor registries

So-called ‘registration offers’ which appear to be for an official exhibitor registries are causing confusion and prompting questions from many exhibitors. The providers of these exhibitor registries are sending out unrequested forms to exhibitors, which give the impression that a correction is required or that the communication is related to invoices from the official fair catalogue’s publishers. These so-called ‘registration offers’ are actually order forms for inclusion in company or exhibitor directories which are not connected to the Koelnmesse GmbH fair catalogue.

The official Eu’Vend & coffeena fair catalogue, as a component of the media package from Koelnmesse GmbH, is always published in collaboration with catalogue publisher, NEUREUTER FAIR MEDIA, Koelnmesse GmbH’s official publishing partner. The obligatory entry in the official fair catalogue will be organised exclusively by NEUREUTER and they will send out the appropriate forms. Additional entries in the official fair catalogue can be ordered exclusively from Koelnmesse GmbH or NEUREUTER FAIR MEDIA.

Hotel Service

Do you still need an overnight in Cologne? A hotel, private room or apartment can be booked at You can also send your requirements to: E-Mail contact

Information Stand Product Piracy – “Do not Copy!”

By signing an “Intellectual Property Memorandum”, Koelnmesse has flown the flag for fair competition at fair events and come out against copyright infringement of exhibited products.
For [MESSENAME] [MESSEJAHR], Koelnmesse will also be working closely with the respective offices and agencies so that any infringements of intellectual property are quickly and effectively penalised and their recurrence prevented.

Koelnmesse supports exhibitors who are afraid of having their rights infringed upon by offering consultation or procuring recognised specialists like lawyers and patent lawyers.
Our information stand is in the Service Center North, and should serve as point of contact for questions and for any issues which might arise during the fair.
We would ask all exhibitors to report any specific suspicious events relating to possible copyright infringement at [MESSENAME] [MESSEJAHR]. In the event that your products are already copyright-protected, please bring all relevant documentation to the fair with you.

WIFI at your stand

To order your own DSL connection for your stand, please contact our service provider Netcologne. Here you can contact Netcologne: E-Mail contact


The fair catalogue will be delivered to your stand at the beginning of the fair. You can already search online for any information you need at [LINK ANPASSEN]

Additional Costs Payment

To ensure a smooth assembly process, make sure that you have paid your additional costs payment.

Fair Opening Times
Press Service

Your contact person for the coordination of press conference appointments during the event is:

Mrs. Anja Scheidt
Tel.: +49 (0) 221-821-2366
E-Mail contact

Stand Assembly

Do you need assistance with the assembly of your stand? Then please get in touch with our stand assembly team. Your contact person is:

Mr. Rainer Anders
Tel. +49 221-821-2091
E-Mail contact

Stand parties

Please note that any parties at your stand must be approved by Koelnmesse. If you are planning a party, please inform us in writing per fax: +49 221 821-3505 or email: E-Mail contact

Catering during the assembly period

Our fair caterer will open the following refreshment stall for your assembly teams on the exhibition grounds:

Advertising outside of your fair stand

Please note that the distribution of prospectuses, stickers, flyers and any other activities outside of your stand on any part of the exhibition grounds are not permitted.

Additional Services

In addition to the stand area confirmation, we also sent you your personal registration details for the Koelnmesse Service Portal per e-mail. This portal is our clearly organised online ordering system which allows you to order any of Koelnmesse’s services conveniently online. Make the most of your fair appearance by increasing your presence in the [MESSENAME] media! Order media services and advertising material conveniently online at the new [MESSENAME] [MESSEJAHR] Media Shop.[LINK ANPASSEN]